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Home > Tea/Herbal Tea > Chinese Tea > Chinese Green Tea > Foojoy Lungching Green Tea (Chinese Green Tea 100 Teabags)

Foojoy Lungching Green Tea (Chinese Green Tea 100 Teabags) See Our eBay Rating

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Lungching (also known as Dragonwell) Green Tea has long been celebrated in tea lore and is famous for its association with the serene beauty of the West Lake in zhejiang, where the tea originates. Once designated as an imperial Tea by the Qing Emperor Qian Long, this tea is eagerly awaited each spring when the young tender leaves are plucked. Delicate flat leaves are used to produce FOOJOY LUNCHING GREEN TEA teabags. Each cup of this light golden brew offers a lingering, slightly sweet flavor that gives this tea its distinctive, almost ethereal character. As an added benefit, recent research has found Lungching to be rich in Vitamin C and plentiful in health-promoting polyphenols.

FOOJOY brings you authentic teas from renowned tea gardens. Each tea's distinctive character is produced by a unique combination of climate, altitudes and soil conditions. Foojoy's tea tasters maintain a high standard in aroma and flavor by selecting teas from their original gardens and by carefully monitoring each season's teas. The FOOJOY name is your assurance of freshness, unmatched quality and good value.

  • 100 Tea Bags

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